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The Neurofibromatosis Association

NFA (for those who get tongue tied) is a patient focused charity, based in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, dedicated to supporting people living with the diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis. Although it is still a relatively unknown condition in the UK, Neurofibromatosis is more common than cystic fibrosis, 5 times more prevalent than muscular dystrophy and affects one in every 2,500 – that is about 25,000 in the UK, 1.5 million worldwide (that’s a lot of peeps hey? So well worth helping out.)

Neurofibromatosis is a genetic condition that can touch everyone. In the States the charity is known as ‘The Children Tumour Foundation’ and is one of their largest charities. They are looking to make this happen here in the UK, the more support they can get the more they can raise awareness, and help those whose lives are affected by Neurofibromatosis.

You can find out more by visiting the website.