What Is Naked  

Free your body with Naked

Yes, we’ve removed the bad stuff. And the natural active extracts we add in are widely recognized as being the best at what they do eg. Cocoa Butter for moisturizing, Sunflower for sun damage protection, purest Rose oil for anti ageing.

But you may be asking why we don’t use parabens, SLS and  petrochemicals in our Naked products. After all they are in the vast majority of toiletries on most bathroom shelves, so can they really be that bad? For us, it’s all about choice - about preferring to reduce our toxic load and use as many friendly ingredients  as possible. 

You may also ask why only 97% natural? Well, the remaining 3% is made up of things like the preservative system (stops the product going bad after opening ) plus things like emulsifying agents which are necessary to stop ingredients from separating ( we don’t like divorce ). However some of our products are actually 99.5% natural as they didn’t need as much help to behave.