Top 3 50s beauty tips we love

Posted: 28th May, 2012 2:39 pm / By The Naked Bodycare Team

Jubilee fever is everywhere. We’re being bombarded with union Jacks, bunting and symbols of Britishness from every angle, so we thought we’d get in on the act! There are plenty of 50s beauty tips that our grannies loved, and here are our top 3 that have stood the test of time:

Red lips. Who doesn’t love a good red lip? A perfect pout was a must in the 50s and is still at the top of the list today, being a symbol of femininity and, if done well, adding a touch of sexiness to any outfit. In the 50s it was important to match the shade of red to your outfit as well as your complexion (a lady would never wear an orange-red lipstick with a navy dress), and having different shades for day and night was a must.

Hairspray is always necessary. 50s locks were gorgeously styled (think Grace Kelly’s iconic waves with a flick) and that meant hairspray was absolutely vital. It tamed flyaways and gave a super-smooth look, and it’s something that many of us still rely on today.

Never let your nails chip. Keeping your manicure and pedicure in top condition was essential for ladies of the 50s—anything less was a faux pas of the highest order. These days we’re not quite so concerned and are often happy to let our chipped nail polish stay put for days on end, but it’d definitely be worth going back in time to get a bit of nail appreciation back into our lives.

Beauty was as important in the 50s as it is today, perhaps even more so—it was a glamorous time and a decade that spawned numerous beauty products and looks that are still around to this day, so take a leaf out of granny’s book and you can start your Jubilee celebrations in full 50s glory.