Naked: Why Choose Sulphate Free?

The truth about Sulphates (and why Naked doesn’t use them)
We’re always telling you about how Naked is 97% natural and free from sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals. But what does that actually mean? What’s a sulphate, and why should you go sulphate free? Read on to find out!
So what does ‘sulphate free’ really mean?
Many hair and [...]

Spare me the guilt chip: Win Naked & Popchips Goodies

Just like Naked, Popchips love to be natural. Popchips are little popped potato chip snacks, with all the flavour and less than half the fat of fried crisps. They only use ingredients you can feel good about eating and leave out the bad stuff that give snacking a bad name. We’ve tried them all (market [...]

Win: A month's supply of Urban Fruit

Fancy a whole month's supply of utterly moreish fruit snacks? Well, we just may be able to help with that.
Urban Fruit's delicious snacks are 100% natural - they just pick fruit when it’s deliciously ripe, chop it and bake it at source so there are no sulphites, preservatives, or any other nonsense or chemicals. It [...]

Win Sweets!

Naked is known for its naturalness, and that’s just why we love Jealous sweets. They contain no artificial colours or flavours, are gluten free, and are suitable for vegetarians. To win one of 5 big boxes of sweets, just enter below. We’ll choose the winners on the  6th May.
Please enter only by using the form below:
a [...]

Win an Oxfam themed illustration.

To celebrate our friendship with Oxfam GB and the wonderful work they do, Naked have commissioned the renowned  illustrator Sally Jane Thompson to draw a beautiful Oxfam charity shop themed piece. You can see the picture in all it’s glory below. If you’d like to win the original artwork, or one of three prints, then just [...]