Are you the sensitive type?

Sensitive skin can be a real nightmare. It can literally drive you up the wall, and possibly stay within four walls to avoid being seen. 
It can come in all shapes and forms from red blotches, to puffy eyes and itchy dry skin. If you are a lover of beauty products but have to be so [...]

Veggie Goodness

We've known for years that eating a vegetarian diet really does have its pros, mainly because of the intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. The constant eating of fruit and veg increases the antioxidants in your body and cuts down on the amount of fat consumed. It can even help keep blood sugar stable and [...]

Feeling the LOVE

Oooooooh La La! Here's some Friday Fun for all you super Naked Fans. Today is our LAST DAY of pass the parcel for Naked's 6th birthday, which means we have got 10 SUPER PRIZES up for grabs. How can you win? Well, just read below and answer the #NakedFact on our blog, and we will [...]

Happy Birthday to US... Happy Birthday to US...!

Have you heard the party blowers? We've all been getting a bit hyper on fizzy drinks and cakes, charging around the room and wearing our “I AM 6” badge with pride... can you believe that we are now six years old?!  We have been indulging in the most awesome amount of PRESENTS, but you will be [...]

The Original Naked Nutters

Now, we know that you love Naked, so we thought it would be good for you to find out a little more about the team behind who makes the products... here’s a quick little snippit of who we are and what we’ve been up to lately...
Lucy is the Senior Brand Manager on Naked and we [...]