Festive Beauty for your barnet


Last night I decided to cut my fringe, it was getting slightly "Claudia Winkleman" and falling in my eyes so I thought it would be better to trim it now ready for the festive season, I feel like a bit of a Bettie Page pin up now but I didn't do such a bad job [...]

Get rid of those bags

It's time to get rid of those bags, and I'm not talking about the dark circles under your eyes, we're talking about plastic bags. At Naked we're on a mission to minimise the use of plastic bags, especially around this time of year, when shopping is a must for the festive season, thats why we've [...]

Hands that do dishes

Hands that do dishes, unless wearing rubber gloves can come under a lot of stress and strain from a range of chemicals.
My mother, for as long as I can remember, has suffered with incredibly dry hands, yet I don't seem to have contracted what ever it is, maybe I don't wash up enough, but for [...]


We remember today, and on Sunday.

Are you the sensitive type?

Sensitive skin can be a real nightmare. It can literally drive you up the wall, and possibly stay within four walls to avoid being seen. 
It can come in all shapes and forms from red blotches, to puffy eyes and itchy dry skin. If you are a lover of beauty products but have to be so [...]