Cheap As Chips!

Posted: 21st February, 2011 11:07 am / By The Naked Bodycare Team

It seems there is a week for everything but this is our favourite yet...National Chip Week! Going strong and celebrating its 20th anniversary we pay homage and salute the humble chip that gave us fish and chips, pie and chips, cheesy get the idea.

As a nation we’ve been enjoying chips for more than 150 years, and according to chip fans everywhere it’s 73% down to their taste, 20% tempting aroma and 7% texture.
Chip’s have also developed quite a line up and can be found hiding in several disguises including the original french fry, potato wedge, curly fry, and more sophisticated oven baked chip.

But what’s our favourite condiment to go with chips?
The traditional chip shop swear by good old fashioned vinegar, salt and pepper, all wrapped in newspaper to give added flavour. But the household favourite tomato ketchup and best friend mayonnaise are slowly creeping into the picture to steal the limelight.

Some fun chip facts.....

- A quarter of all the potatoes that are grown in Britain are made into chips – and it takes 45,000 Wembley Stadium football pitches to grow all the potatoes needed for the chips eaten in Great Britain each year.

- Just over 10% of the British potato crop is needed to supply our 10,500 chip shops – that’s about 422,600 tonnes

- Laid end to end, all the British potatoes that are turned into chips every year would stretch around the world a staggering 76 times

So why not treat yourself this week and tuck into one of Britain’s favourite takeaway’s.

The Naked Team x