Nail art goes 3D

Posted: 23rd March, 2012 12:15 pm / By The Naked Bodycare Team

Over the last few years the world has gone 3D crazy, and now the beauty industry is catching onto the trend—nail art has gone 3D. The Caviar Manicure from luxe nail brand Ciaté is set to take the industry by storm, creating truly original nails that are sure to turn heads no matter where you go.


The manicure is created with caviar-like pearls that are placed onto wet nail polish to give a gorgeous three dimensional look, and it couldn’t be simpler to achieve the desired results—all you have to do is apply two coats of polish and, when still wet, sprinkle the caviar pearls over the top. Press down firmly to make sure they stick and leave to dry for 15 minutes, and for added staying power you could apply a top coat to the very tips of your nails to keep the pearls in place for longer. Pour the excess pearls back into the pot using the mini funnel included in the kit (we wouldn’t want to miss out on any of that caviar goodness) and voila—stunning 3D nails that look simply divine.



We love this here at the Naked office, and with the Caviar kits hitting shelves (virtual ones of course; get yours from on March 26th you don’t have to wait long to get your hands on them. They cost £18 each but for that you get the nail polish, caviar beads and funnel, and the packaging doubles up as a tray for you to catch the beads and return them to the pot. With black, white and multi-coloured kits available you can change your nails to suit your mood, so what are you waiting for? Put the date in your diary and make a beeline for Ciaté, and you’ll have gorgeously decadent 3D nails to be one step ahead of the fashion crowd.