Get your feet flip-flop ready

Posted: 15th June, 2012 11:41 am / By The Naked Bodycare Team

Ok, so your feet may have been out during the last spell of sunshine, but chances are you weren’t quite ready to bare all. A few more weeks of being hidden in shoes and your feet could well need a bit of attention, so you need to take action ASAP. The summer sunshine will be with us soon (positive thinking and all that), and that’s why it’s high time you got your feet flip flop ready.

There are plenty of products available that can help you get your feet ready for their grand unveiling, and with hard skin being at the top of the list of bugbears (and also the hardest to do anything about) it’s this that you need to tackle first. Head to the foot care section at the chemist to see what you can uncover—things like pumice stones would be ideal, and you might like to incorporate that with specialist creams that can help soften hard skin in a matter of days. It all depends on what you’re looking to achieve, so have a browse and see what’s available.

For a bit of added pampering you might like to recreate the spa experience in your home, so dust off that good old food spa. It’s great to relieve tired feet but it can be just as good to get your home pedicure underway—a quick soak will leave your skin soft and beautiful, and if you follow it with a foot scrub and a quick buff you’ll be well on your way to having super-soft feet. Then you need to pay close attention to your toenails. Far too many people overlook them but really you should pay just as much attention to your pedicure as you do your manicure—having perfectly polished toes is a must for summer, and a pop of colour on your feet will show off those sandals to perfection.

So, bear in mind these points and you’ll be able to buff, primp and prime your feet to perfection. Or why not treat yourself to a pedicure? Throw in a foot massage and it’s the ultimate pampering treat, and with the weekend just around the corner a spot of indulgence could be just what the doctor ordered. Then all you’ve got to do is go get those flip flops at the ready!