Fruity Hair Care

Posted: 9th May, 2012 9:54 am / By The Naked Bodycare Team

We all know it’s important to get our five a day. However, fruits can have some real benefits if incorporated into your hair care routine. That’s right – as well as eating them, the vitamins and minerals that are locked inside can also be used in homemade hair products, as well as being a vital ingredient in many shampoos and conditioning treatments.

Vitamin A is essential for healthy hair, as it helps your scalp produce sebum that keeps your locks luscious, smooth and soft. Melons and bananas both contain good levels of vitamin A, and when mashed together they make a delicious mask that gives noticeable results. Apply generously to your hair – without too much snacking – and then wash out thoroughly.

Vitamin C is another big one. Lacking this essential nutrient makes hair brittle and dry. It’s also an anti-oxidant, and helps to fight free-radicals that cause cell damage. Eating lots of citrus fruits is a great way to get your vitamin fix – oranges, strawberries, kiwis and pineapples are all great options. If you want to include a vitamin C burst into your hair routine, juicing a couple of peaches and adding this to your regular shampoo can be a sweet way to give your hair a boost.

Vitamin E helps to reduce split ends and can keep colour looking vibrant. You can make a vitamin rich, avocado hair mask by combining an avocado, a couple of spoonfuls of natural yoghurt, an egg, and a dash of rosemary and jojoba oils. While this sounds more like a teatime recipe than a hair product, it can help to strength hair as well as nourishing your scalp.

There are also products out there that combine all the benefits of fruits and vitamins. Naked Boost Revitalising Shampoo is a rich blend of anti-oxidants, vitamins and fruit and plant extracts that can help to revive hair. This is a perfect option if you’d rather keep the contents of your fruit bowl just for eating!