Create a Spa in your bedroom

Posted: 25th January, 2012 12:31 pm / By The Naked Bodycare Team

Here at the Naked office we can’t resist a spot of pampering, and at this time of year a trip to the spa could be just what the doctor ordered. But, this doesn’t mean you need to whip out the credit card and spend a small fortune on professional treatments—why not turn your bathroom into your own private spa? It needn’t be that difficult to achieve yet can be just as luxurious, letting you enjoy a pampering treat without the price tag.

First up—candles. You just can’t have a spa without soft lighting to set the mood, and the harsh glare from your ceiling light simply won’t cut it. Lighting a few candles will instantly make you feel more relaxed, and if you opt for scented candles you could get additional holistic benefits too. You might want to think about bringing some music into the room as well, with classical music or even a compilation of chill out music being the perfect accompaniment to your relaxing evening.

Once you’ve set the scene you need to think about the products you’re going to need, with bubble bath of course being an essential consideration. Floating away on a sea of bubbles will erase all your stresses (with our Melt Away Naked Starflower Foam Bath being ideal), and for added indulgence make sure to treat your hair to an intensive conditioning treatment. Don’t forget the thick fluffy towels to dry off with afterwards (old, rough towels will do nothing for your spa experience) and make sure to slather on our Full of Glee Starflower Body Butter to complete the pampering process.

The combination of soft lighting, soothing music and fragrant bath products will create the ultimate spa, giving you a chance to relax and unwind in a new yet familiar environment. It’ll be like stepping into another world without having to set foot outside your front door, and you could even pour yourself a glass of wine or hunt for the stash of hidden chocolate for even more indulgence—what day spa lets you do that?