SOS (Save Our Scalps!)

Scalps. They're not attractive, you rarely see them and when you do they're pretty odd-looking (why so pale?!). Besides, what man do you ever hear say "I'm looking for a woman with a beautiful scalp"? Never. Unless you've wandered onto some strange online dating website. If so, shut down your computer and walk away.
If you've got a [...]

A Symphony of Silicones

Continuing on our quest to enlighten you all about tricky chemicals, this week we’re tuning our trumpets up to play a Symphony of Silicones. We think we need some Naked Nutter Knowledge under our belts about these tricky compounds and we’re going to share our information with you lucky lot.
Have you always wanted to know [...]

The Sulphate Shakedown

To borrow a phrase from a very famous man, ‘Sulphates, Sulphates, wherefore art thou Sulphates?’. Okay so maybe it’s not a direct quote, but you get our gist. In answer to good ol’ Bill Shakespeare, Sulphates are pretty much everywhere (except in Naked products, of course). They are listed as one of the major ingredients [...]

Get your beach beauty look sorted

Here at Naked HQ we’re holding onto the hope that it’ll be beach weather soon, but if all else fails we’ll be jetting off to warmer climates for some much-needed sunshine. That means we’ve started to think about our beach look, and if you’re heading off as well here’s a quick run-through of how to [...]

Olive Oil-more than just a salad dressing.

In our quest to find the world’s best-kept beauty secrets, there’s been one particular product that’s cropped up time and time again—olive oil. Yep, there’s more to this delicious creation than meets the eye with olive oil being packed full of antioxidants and emollient properties, and here are just a few ways women of afar [...]