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Butter Up Your Britishness

crum·pet [ kruhm-pit]. noun, Chiefly British.
1. a round soft unsweetened bread resembling a muffin,
cooked on a griddle or the like, and often toasted.
2. silky, tasty temptress, enrobed in butter. Perilous breaker of all New Year’s resolutions.
This year, Naked is embracing our British side. Last year was such an amazing year for Britain, with so many [...]

Get your beach beauty look sorted

Here at Naked HQ we’re holding onto the hope that it’ll be beach weather soon, but if all else fails we’ll be jetting off to warmer climates for some much-needed sunshine. That means we’ve started to think about our beach look, and if you’re heading off as well here’s a quick run-through of how to [...]

Olive Oil-more than just a salad dressing.

In our quest to find the world’s best-kept beauty secrets, there’s been one particular product that’s cropped up time and time again—olive oil. Yep, there’s more to this delicious creation than meets the eye with olive oil being packed full of antioxidants and emollient properties, and here are just a few ways women of afar [...]

French beauty secrets

How do French women always seem to look so immaculate when they’re surrounded by all those delicious pastries? Well, apart from having willpowers of steel, chances are they bear in mind a few natural beauty secrets too. Want a few tips? Then read on…
Make the most of lemons. Lemons are packed full of powerful antioxidants [...]

Get your feet flip-flop ready

Ok, so your feet may have been out during the last spell of sunshine, but chances are you weren’t quite ready to bare all. A few more weeks of being hidden in shoes and your feet could well need a bit of attention, so you need to take action ASAP. The summer sunshine will be [...]