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Win an Oxfam themed illustration.

To celebrate our friendship with Oxfam GB and the wonderful work they do, Naked have commissioned the renowned  illustrator Sally Jane Thompson to draw a beautiful Oxfam charity shop themed piece. You can see the picture in all it’s glory below. If you’d like to win the original artwork, or one of three prints, then just [...]

French beauty secrets

How do French women always seem to look so immaculate when they’re surrounded by all those delicious pastries? Well, apart from having willpowers of steel, chances are they bear in mind a few natural beauty secrets too. Want a few tips? Then read on…
Make the most of lemons. Lemons are packed full of powerful antioxidants [...]

Get your feet flip-flop ready

Ok, so your feet may have been out during the last spell of sunshine, but chances are you weren’t quite ready to bare all. A few more weeks of being hidden in shoes and your feet could well need a bit of attention, so you need to take action ASAP. The summer sunshine will be [...]

Natural beauty tips from around the world

Here at Naked HQ we love a bit of natural beauty (all of our products are packed full of natural goodness, after all), and that’s why we thought we’d take a look at a few natural beauty tips from around the world. Traditional remedies are where it’s at, and here are just a few you [...]

Give your hair a Naked treat

Our poor locks have been through a lot recently. One minute they’re being dazzled by sunshine and the next they’re stuck in a deluge of rain (anyone else feeling it’s more like the rain forest than the UK?), and that means they could be suffering damage of a follicular nature. It’s time to give your [...]