Fill Your Boots (and Your Christmas Stocking) with Naked

Ho ho ho, Merry Naked-mas. Okay, so it’s not the catchiest saying but works with us here. ‘Tis the season to be jolly and spend all your money on presents for other people (but don’t forget to treat yourself too). We reckon our Naked Nutters are very organised shoppers with all their presents planned out [...]

Get Naked this Christmas

Christmas is coming, the cold is creeping in and we’re not feeling all that glam. But the party season is fast approaching and so with a helping hand from Naked, we’ll ensure you’re ship-shape and party-ready in no time. To celebrate our new Naked Fake It Gotta Glow Gift Set, we thought we’d give you [...]

Lost the Paraben Plot

Lost the Paraben Plot? Never fear, Naked is here.
Here a paraben, there a paraben, everywhere a paraben. Parabens are everywhere right now (figuratively and literally), and they’re a hot topic here at Naked HQ. We never use them, having cast them aside in favour of more natural ingredients instead. So what’s the lowdown on them? [...]

10 Ways to Glow This Autumn-Winter

Autumn is well and truly upon us and winter is snapping at its heels like an excitable puppy. We’re not the biggest fans of cold weather here at Naked HQ, so we donned our thinking caps and wondered how we could get a glow this season. Inspired by the new Naked Fake It gift set [...]

DIY Banana Face Mask Recipe

Today we want to share with you a special home made face mask recipe from Naked Elf, Kate. This is Kate's own secret recipe that she has very kindly agreed to share with our Naked Fans, read on and find out how you can perk up your skin at home.
Grab this winter warmer to perk [...]