Naked for Kids... From the mouths of babes

Posted: 20th June, 2011 5:16 pm / By The Naked Bodycare Team

Ooooooh... hasn't it been exciting at Naked HQ of late with all the fabulous new yummy treats we've had? Anyone who is a fan on Facebook will have seen our brand new range for kids, which is currently taking the bathtime world by storm (as in FEWER TANTRUMS... we like), but we thought it would be good to formally introduce you to Naked's latest little rascals... Three brand new 2-in-1 shampoos, and a lovely detangling spray.

Enter JAM SANDWICHES... A fun alternative to sticky lunchbox leftovers, this yummy berry treat gives lovely soft hair after just one wash.  For best results finish with a big soft towel and a cuddle.

Next Up is BANANAS AND CUSTARD... We used to pick the bananas out of the custard when we were small. We now think squishing them up and using their goodness with other natural wonders now makes for healthy hair.

And now it's Mr TOFFEE APPLE... the sweetness of toffee and the fruity goodness of apples. A perfect combination for persuading kids to get into the bath or shower. Works into a feather soft lather for squeaky clean hair.

Then for the tangled tresses of your tinies, ORANGE LOLLIES makes hair easier to comb so there are fewer tantrums, and with the scent of orange lollies we can almost hear the ice cream van coming!

Anyway, enough about us….. what we really wanted to know is what the experts (i.e. KIDS and MUMS) think of the new range. So we got together a little (in size and number!) panel of testers and here’s what they said:

"I like the red jam shampoo. I love jam sandwiches and jammy dodgers so it's fun to smell like them! It made my hair really smooth too."

"Custard is one of my favourite puddings and the nana and custard shampoo smelt really custard-y, so that's good. My hair feels really clean and my brother keeps smelling my head."

"Can definitely smell the custard, and that's the best bit of bananas and custard."

“The spray felt funny on my head. It’s fun to spray”

“Apples yummmmmy”

And a word from the mummies..

“The shampoo smells great. Also ‘apple’ is one of the words Holly can say so has helped her with learning words as well as cleaning her hair!”

“The de-tangle product works really well – Lucy’s hair definitely wasn’t as knotted as it usually is after I wash it”

“I love these products.  My little one, Sam, hates having his hair washed with a passion – it’s always a trauma for him in the morning, and yet now that we have the Naked Kids stuff, I found him washing his own hair at the weekend.  It’s enough to keep me buying it…..result!”

“We have the jam sandwich shampoo, my 3 year old has eczema so have always said no when he’s asked for a kid’s shampoo. He loves it and his skin’s been fine, never makes a fuss either when rinsing like he did before, smells lovely too. May just have to try another scent next time”

“We've used the toffee apple. Love it! My daughter has v thick hair down to the bottom of her shoulder blades. I can honestly say it's the only 2-in-1 we've ever tried that actually leaves her hair feeling like it has been conditioned! Not to mention that it's sooo shiny and has more bounce than your average kangaroo! :-)”

“My sons love the jam sandwiches shampoo so much; they use it as a body wash and bubble bath too. Another Naked winner in our house!”

We LOVE that everyone loves it... in fact, we've even had reports of DADS and HUSBANDS stealing some shampoo (exagerrated gasps all round). If you've been using Naked for Kids, we'd love to hear your thoughts! Share with is please!!!

The Naked Team