Posted: 14th October, 2010 10:24 am / By The Naked Bodycare Team

This week was British Wool Week which may not sound particularly thrilling but it is easy to forget that wool is sustainable, biodegradable and luxurious – great for eco conscious people like us! British Wool is a natural fibre grown on beautiful British sheep breeds. As we’re all becoming more aware of our carbon footprint the use of British Wool, grown in the UK and requiring less machine power than man-made fibres is a great choice.
To celebrate our lovely British sheep and their woolly coats, The Campaign for Wool filled one of the world’s most prestigious tailoring locations, Savile Row with grass, sheep and farmers! As the sheep graze, visitors were able to learn more about the qualities of wool. An annually renewable and truly sustainable resource it is Mother Nature’s own super clever fabric. We love that it is highly functional and perfect for multiple uses (jumpers, suits even your carpet!) whilst being fully biodegradable without damaging our planet. Thank you sheep!

Check out the sheep having some fun here